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Aug 24, 2013 2:30pm PDT
that technology is undercutting some of our basic and most needed abilities, like being able to speak with confidence, write clearly, and develop problem-solving skills. emily introduces us to a mom and daughter who are offering some advice. >> meet maribeth and lizzie kuzmeski. when it comes to communication, they've got a lot to say. in fact, they wrote a book about the importance of developing good communication skills. it's called "the engaging child." welcome. >> hi. >> hi. thanks for having us here. >> maribeth, why did you write the book? >> well, i have two teenagers, and i noticed that some of the ways that they were communicating weren't necessarily the ways that were helping them practice communication skills. texting, facebook -- they're all great, and we love having all of those different technologies to use. but i found that the skills that they weren't practicing were the ones that were probably going to make a bigger difference in their lives -- for instance, getting a job, getting into college. we've got to be able to communicate. if you want to ask somebody on a date
Aug 24, 2013 4:00pm PDT
've updated them with some pretty awesome technology that allows them to light up as we play the notes. so, you're hearing it, you're seeing it all at the same time. it's creating beautiful music and a beautiful stage image, as well. so, if you want, go ahead and jump in. [ notes play ] >> do you ever get distracted by the colors or by the lights? like... >> every night. [ notes play ] it's the story of my life. shiny objects, bright colors. [ notes play ] >> [ chuckles ] do you ever wake up in the morning and go, "i feel like being yellow today"? >> [ laughs ] um... sometimes. sometimes. it's interesting. the character, i completely associate it with being blue just because that's how it is, you know? but blue is calm and powerful. it's the color of earth. it's just this really beautiful, serene, comforting color that it seemed to make a lot of sense when they were picking it out. [ upbeat music playing ] >> what's the most popular part of the show? >> probably the end, not because it's over, but because we have this huge party, and we have these giant orbs that float down from the ceilin
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2